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Innovation is crucial to sustainable solutions

Innovation is crucial

to sustainable solutions

Innovation is crucial to sustainable solutions. Applying new processes, introducing new techniques along with successful ideas are key to sustainable development. But sustainable innovation goes beyond technology and is at the heart of effectiveness, security, and resiliency. According to FAO, innovation in agriculture cuts across all dimensions of the production cycle along the entire value chain – from crops, forestry, fishery, livestock production, to the management of inputs and market access.

Sustainable agriculture is a must
Research & Development

Innovation is key to sustainable agricultural development, requiring a better linkage between research, systems, institutions, farmers, policies, and socio-economic processes. FAO believes innovation is key to feeding a growing population and facing the challenge of climate change. Additionally, there is a need for innovative solutions to intensify agricultural production in a sustainable way. 

Seed systems and plant genetic resources
Seed Science

Article: Seed Systems and Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Credit Niels Louwaars Centre for Genetic Resources, Wageningen University & Research Centre, The Netherlands

Article: Innovations in managing climate risks and building resilience in agriculture                     

Credit Selvaraju Ramasamy

Sustainable food systems

Agriculture 4.0 – Agricultural robotics and automated equipment for sustainable crop production

This FAO report presents new opportunities for technological developments related to automation and precision agriculture (e.g. robotics). These technologies are mainly targeted to support farmers who struggle with the cost of labor when harvesting crops, and to tackle the declining availability of manpower for general cropping operations. It also explores the possible applications of agricultural technology, presents the current trends, and discusses some of the principal challenges to successful adoption for sustainable agricultural mechanization in developing countries.

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Credit FAO

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