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Living greener lives is really not rocket science

It starts with simple ideas and tiny steps

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Simple ways we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half

Holistic approach to living up to sustainable agricultural practices
Research & 
Holistic approach to living up to sustainable agricultural practices


Did you know that energy efficiency and conservation practices are integral to sustainable agriculture?

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Decrease red meat and sugar intake

Our daily dietary pattern consists of approximately 35% of calories as whole grains and tubers, protein sources mainly from plants – but including approximately 14g of red meat per day –and 500g per day of vegetables and fruits​. Why are we still eating excessively? 
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Eat for wellness not illness

Good health and wellbeing are about making personal choices, while poor ones can harm it? We can make many personal choices to improve our physical, mental, and social well-being.

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Can we consume less?

Yes! It starts with beef burgers and bacon sandwiches. According to WEForum, in Hong Kong, more than 1.6 million people since 2012 adopted a flexitarian diet once a week to improve their health and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Check out how farmers, ranchers, and homemakers are making their lives more sustainable in creative ways

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Do it yourself

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Eat better - Eat right - Less meat - More greens

“To be healthy, diets must have an appropriate calorie intake and consist of a variety of plant-based foods, low amounts of animal-based foods, unsaturated rather than saturated fats, and few refined grains, highly processed foods, or added sugars. The food group intake ranges that we suggest allow flexibility to accommodate various food types, agricultural systems, cultural traditions, and individual dietary preferences – including numerous omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan diets,” says co-lead commissioner Walter Willett from Harvard University.

Healthy Food Ideas for sustainable eating


Ideas for healthy sustainable eating

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