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Earth Day is Every Day!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Every year since 1970, the history of Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 to raise awareness about pollution problems and what we should be doing right to address the wrongdoings in the environment. Today, we hear loud voices, big leaders, environmentalists, activists, philanthropists, and others calling for a big change and discussing the future of our planet; the fact is, fighting for a better planet should be a daily practice – embracing nature is every day. We should be celebrating Earth Day daily by making small lifestyle choices that add up to huge impacts.

While the climate movement has been pleading with countries for decades to take action, we are calling for bolder and more ambitious action - Make a pledge today, and follow us in this fight by helping us uncover natural processes, green and innovative ideas that could restore the world’s ecosystems. Help protect our planet! Start with simple steps: avoid single-use water bottles and cups; opt for secondhand clothing, furniture, children's toys, and educational gadgets; support products with sustainable manufacturing practices that save more water and more energy, and opt for vegetarian diets or fewer meat products. (Visit the rest of our website and share you thoughts). #earthday, #protectourplanet, #eatlessmeat, #helpprotectourplanet


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