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What's on the negotiation table for COP26? Our Planet

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

His well-known voice, who in his lifetime has seen our ecosystem crumble before his eyes appealed to world leaders that a better planet is still achievable. He told, “In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed a terrible decline; in yours, you could witness a wonderful recovery.” Watch the world's #1 living Naturalist Sir David Attenborough at COP26 Desperately Pleading to world Leaders to secure a better future for the planet. Like Attenborough and many environmentalists worldwide, I believe we can save our Planet and share in the benefits of cleaner air, affordable and cleaner energy, water, and enough food to sustain us all but we can only get there TOGETHER.

For us at GTS, saving our Planet is our number one priority. No more politics, no more negotiations, no more gimmicks, no more ignoring the reality of climate change. World leaders are not the only problem-solvers for a better planet, we are! We are the consumers of bad habits that are killing our planet, let's fix it! Join us at GreenTalkSolutions and together we can make our world a better place to live in. #lesstalkandmoreaction #greentalksolutionsforbetterplanet #sustainability #globalwarming #climatechange

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